Selena Quintanilla Costume | Bustiquela, es un bra!

Hey hey! I've been thinking about this costume all week long and just couldn't wait to photograph it.  As a little girl, I used to pretend to be Selena Quintanilla herself lol.  I'm VERY sure I was just one of a billion other people in the world who shared this same mentality, and still, whenever I listen to her music I flip on my Selena switch and sing my heart out. It only felt right to make one of her iconic bustier's a part of my DIY Halloween Costume series.  To complete this look, I just tossed on some black high wasted pants I purchased from American Apparel, black booties and a belt with silver buckles.  Okay, you will need...

1 Black Bra
1 Pack of Rhinestones - I purchased mine at Joann's
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Also, don't forget your red lipstick!

How To
1. Using the above image as a pattern, cover the entire right cup of your bra with rhinestones. 

2. Line the left cup of your bra with rhinestones making sure to cover the very bottom of your cup as well. 

3. The design part of the left cup can be completely up to you.  I tried to at least get the basics including a swirl and the stand alone rhinestones. 

4. To begin, I started with what looked like an upside down pyramid.  I glued 14 rhinestones under the top row of rhinestones and continued to make a pyramid shape. 

5. Following the upside down pyramid, I began putting my swirl together.  Per the original photo, the swirl should start from the left side of the left cup, gradually connect to the pyramid and then head down towards the bottom of the cup then back up. 

6. When making your swirl, make sure to leave room for another swirl to follow the original.  See photo below.

7.  Once your swirl is complete, build out what looks like a small clump of rhinestones all heading in the direction of the right side of the cup.  Connect your clump to the original rhinestone lining as best as you can to match Selena's bustier. 

8. Glue down single rhinestones in the empty spots of your bra.  I matched mine to the original bustier. 

9. Clean up any additional glue and you're all done.  Now, go practice your best washing machine and be the best Selena you can be!

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