Holiday Product Spotlight with JORD Wood Watches + Giveaway

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Well guys, it's the officially the season to shop hard.  First of all, how did the year fly by so fast and second, have you guys gotten a head start on your gift lists yet?  It's always super easy for me to shop for the women in my life, but if you ask me what I'm gifting my men, I will literally look at you for the answers.  I never get it right and I don't know how many more years I can continue to gift my dad sweaters or Martin shirts for work haha.  If you're on my same gift trend, this one's for you.  Let me fill you in on a secret that's seriously a no brainer.  Men like accessories too!  Wait what?  Yup, did your brain explode?  There are so many timeless pieces that serve as amazing gifts, but none like a cool watch.  Enter, Wood Watches by JORD.  JORD creates luxury hand-crafted all-natural wooden watches for men and women and let me tell you guys, these are amazing.  My very first obsession is the attention to detail every style has that makes them all so unique.  For example, every watch style is made from wood found all around the world.  The watch seen here in my post is Zebrawood, which is native to West Africa.  Tell me that isn't a gnarly feature?  My second obsession is how incredibly lightweight these pieces are.  I once held one of Martin's watches and it was so heavy I wondered why he didn't just wear weights on his wrist.  It's so rare to find accessories that are so fashionable, sophisticated and lightweight all at the same time.  I really REALLY appreciate these gems when I find them.  Finally, I love the versatility of this collection.  From shape to color, there are several men and women watches to choose from that totally makes it hard to remember you're shopping for someone else - UGH.  Lucky for you guys, the JORD team and I are running a contest and basically...everyone is a winner!  Just for entering, we are gifting all participants a $25 e-gift code. The grand prize winner will receive a $75 e-gift code to use towards the purchase of your very own JORD Wood Watch!  To enter, click on the link below and feel free to share this contest with your friends too!  The contest will close December 18th at 11:59pm. The $25 code will expire on February 28th, 2017.  Good luck!

Xo..Melissa Victoria


  1. This watch is stunning!! What a great idea for a gift :)

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