Beauty Products under $10, yes please!

Seriously, if you're ever in need of quick beauty products, don't even bother going to the mall.  I'm the worst when it comes to this because I love designer make up, I'm one of those really dumb shoppers that believes the quality in expensive make up is so much better than something from a drugstore.  I've got way smarter though recently and started experimenting with a few products and so far, the following are my absolute favorite and the best part is they're all under 10 bucks :)


Brocade Closet

I'm guilty of loving lipstick, I wear it pretty much everyday, red being my signature.  Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick ranges from $4-$8 and has been the most amazing back up lipstick ever. 

Before I started using a MAC eyeliner, I used this one.  Covergirl's Perfect Point Plus eyeliner works wonders. It hardly smears and its super narrow for a perfect line, grab it at a drugstore for about $5.   

Okay so of the thousands of nail polish brands out there, I prefer Essie or OPI.  Essie nail polish runs for about $8 and comes in so many super pretty fun colors.  I think you can find this at in Impulse section at Macy's, if not Target has a nice collection! 

Okay, get out of the mall for mascara-seriously. I used super expensive mascara for years and finally gave this one a try. It's just the BEST mascara and runs for only about $5.  It comes in waterproof/regular, different brushes and colors, give it a try, you won't regret saving so much money

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