Flare Pants You Need This Summer

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Pants: I Love Tyler Madison (shop here) // Top: Old Navy (shop all available colors here) // Ring: Shop Willow & Bliss (shop the cutest ring collection here) // Bag: Marshalls (shop similar here + here)

Hey there!  With summer completely here (holy moly can you feel the heat!?) I'm ironically into pants...lol.  I'm talking cropped, skinny, boyfriend, mom...all types.  I know it's the season for dresses, shorts and skirts galore, but there's something about a good pair of jeans and pants to have this season that's just as important too.  I recently collaborated in an Instagram campaign with vegan clothing line, I Love Tyler Madison, and got to style a pair of pants of my choice.  When I came across these flare pants, I melted.  If I have an ultimate favorite style of pants, it'd be flare and for a ton of reasons!  First let's take this story back to when I was in elementary school and every little girl was wearing bell bottoms but my sister and I.  My mom was still only letting us wear mom looking skinny jeans and we totally felt uncool.  The day my mom decided to let us get in with the times, she took us to Limited Too (remember that store, ladies?) and bought us both a pair of dark denim bell bottoms.  I was stoked because the following day was actually a free dress day so you know my sister and I woke up feeling ourselves.  We got into our jeans and accepted compliments all day long lol.  Talk about life changing.  Anyway, there was something about not being allowed to wear bell bottoms like everyone else that really stuck with me.  I swear anytime I see a pair, I ALWAYS get really nostalgic over the desire of wanting them like my other girlfriends in elementary school.  Nonetheless, when I was trying to choose my campaign item, I saw these flare pants and didn't want anything else at all.   As soon as they arrived, they did not disappoint because they fit SO amazing.  I don't like to wear tight clothing, especially in the heat, but these pants are so lightweight they actually feel like you're wearing gloves around your legs.  In these pictures, I styled my new pants with just a basic t-shirt that I'm sure everyone has, but this summer, you know I'm bringing out the crochet tops for a fun boho look!  Anyway, definitely check out the rest of ILTM clothing via the link above and don't forget to make room for fun flare pants this summer!

Melissa Victoria

Summer Hair Care

Hey there!  I have a confession.  I don't regularly cut my hair - AHHH! I have this thing where I really love to have long hair and then wake up one day and decide I want to chop it off.  I'm kind of itching for short hair again, but I just keep going back and fourth so we'll see what I eventually decide.  In the meantime, I maintain my hair with none other than Argan Oil.  If you haven't heard, or maybe just not in the know, Argan Oil has some super awesome skin and hair benefits.  This oil can work as a moisturizer, hair conditioner, aid in hair shine, acne and so much more.  Lately, I've felt as if the heat has been drying out my hair, so I started to incorporate this oil into my hair washing routine and the results have been satisfying.  I've tried several fun products that have totally worked to maintain the basics of my hair, but Argan Oil is just so easy to use, it smells great and love the way it makes my hair look and feel.  I don't do anything crazy when I use it - it only takes a few drops around my wet hair and ends, followed by a quick brush through my hair to spread the product around.  For best results, I usually just air dry my hair and then proceed to straight or curl.  The oil I use is actually one from Leven Rose, a Colorado all-natural based brand, that sells some of the most exhilarating skin and hair products.  Now that I know about them, I just can't seem to not browse their website and social feeds for wellness tips and ideas - I'm obsessed.  Anyway, I highly recommend Argan Oil for your hair care needs this summer.  If your hair is anything like mine, you'll need that extra boost for hair shine!  To directly shop the oil I use, click here and click here to shop all other products Leven Rose offers.  I'll talk to you guys soon!

Melissa Victoria

So long, 26...Hello 27.

In lieu of my 27th birthday just a few hours away, I wanted to write a quick note for you guys.  I do have to say my 26th year was pretty sweet.  I met new friends, I saw new places, I continued working hard in my career and best of all, I continued to come back to my safe place - Brocade Closet.  This year taught me that while life happens fast, it's important to make sure you remain happy.  I found myself extra busy this year juggling a career, family, boyfriend, friendships and a blog that whenever I felt the slightest unhappy feeling, I just stopped what I did and did something I knew would make me happy. Whether it was going out for sushi, snapping fun photos or just picking up the phone to talk to a friend I hadn't spoken to in a long time, making time to do what makes you happy has become extremely valuable to me.  It's so easy to wake up and repeat the same schedule every day without even noticing and honestly, being bored is not on my life agenda.  Entering my 27th year is super exciting for me!  It's an age where, God willing, I'll make positive moves in every aspect that makes me me.  I already have goals I want to achieve this year and I'm like, so pumped to accomplish them.  One goal of mine is to run with the wind more.  I'm already naturally ruled by the air, but I want to allow myself to take flight in all things I want to do and go for gold.  This is a challenge for myself since I'm also naturally super laid back and don't care to always be a shiny 1st place object.  However, I do see areas of improvement and can't wait to get started on all of this...tomorrow!  

With that I say so long, 26!  You were a growing phase for me and I can't wait to see what chapter 27 looks like.

Xo..Melissa Victoria. 

My Old Navy Picks

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  Top: Old Navy (shop here) // Jeans: Old Navy (shop here) // Shoes: Old (shop similar here + here) // Bracelet & Earrings: Willow + Bliss (shop here + here)

Hey hey!  I've had this slight obsession with Old Navy as of late that is getting a little out of control.  I don't know if it's because I'm a week away from turning 27 so maybe my wardrobe is becoming a little laid back mature (hair flip) or if my natural gravitation towards color is what keeps me coming back!?  To be honest it's probably a combination of both reasons but above all, Old Navy in general just has some of the most amazing items at really awesome prices.  During one of my most recent hauls, I picked up this bright orange/red top that is totally perfect for summer with just about anything from white jeans, to shorts to cropped pants like I'm wearing here.  I also picked up these jeans from Old Navy a few months ago and haven't been able to get enough of them since then.  I know a fun new jean trend is a cropped/distressed hem, which this pair has, and is in general really cute considering every sandal wearing chick can really appreciate a cropped fit to show off every shoe detail!  These ones are part of the 'Rockstar' collection that I actually have two pairs of.  They are a little pricier than the other jeans in-store but they just fit SO nice.  I feel like I could write an 'Old Navy Picks' post every month because I'm so sure I'll be wearing more and more of their clothes.  With that said, welcome to round one of my picks and don't forget to shop my current favorites via the links above!  

xo..Melissa Victoria 

How to Pencil In Your Eyebrows | A Guide for Newbies

Hey hey!  I've had such a busy month and I couldn't wait to get back here and write something new for you guys.  First thing's first, I got super sick for about two weeks and did a whole lot of resting.  During that time, I picked up my Billion Dollar Brows products I received at their super fun event last month and decided to do the unthinkable - fill in my eyebrows.  I've tried to perfect my eyebrows for some time now and never felt like I had it right.  I already have naturally dark hair and brows, but you know when you see something you really like so you want it too?  That's me with eyebrows haha. The lovely ladies at this event equipped me with their pointers and knowledge to feel confident enough to sort of know what I was doing.  I mean I've watched countless videos and the best piece of advice I left this event with was the realization that there isn't really a set way to do your eyebrows!

To begin, I took my BDB Brow Butter and angled brush and slowly started to pencil in the arch of my brow.  It was really just a matter of penciling my arch and bringing the brush down to make my eyebrows seem slightly longer.  Think of this step as you would when coloring something.  I was the kid that would pencil in the lines to make sure I didn't go over.  Pencil in your arch just like that!  I also picked up the technique of filling in lightly.  You're not marking your territory here, you're just elongating your brows.  

After you have your top arch covered, trace the bottom of your brows from the inner brow all the way to the outer brow.  This is actually my favorite part because I really like the way it cleans up the bottom of the brow.  After this is complete, just like my coloring analogy, it's time to brush and blend the brow to fill in any empty areas.  Again, you don't have to make them so dark, it all just requires a light stroke. 

That's basically all it takes, friends! As a newbie to this, I am 100% confident with a subtle eyebrow filling.  It's nothing crazy and a small step into the eyebrow world that may not be in someone's comfort zone just yet. Give this a try and let me know how it worked out! Also, if you're interested in any of these products, you can shop them here or comment below if you have any questions. Chat with you guys later!

Xo..Melissa Victoria

Ice Cream Float with Halo Top

What if I told you there was something called healthy ice cream?  Could a pint of ice cream really only be about 300 calories?  I'd call myself a liar but guess what...I'M NOT.  If you're not already in the know, the ice cream gods put the brains of brilliant creators together to make Halo Top and it has quickly become a must have for me.  I am definitely my father's daughter because both him and I share a common hardcore love for all sweet things - ESPECIALLY ice cream.  When I came across this fun alternative at Whole Foods, I nearly freaked out and thought 240 calories for the ENTIRE pint was too good to be true.  After a whole tasting meeting with my coworkers, I was sold.  This stuff is real and I now have the answer to a much healthier alternative to this beloved treat.

Since ice cream is life and anything that comes with it is life too, I decided to create my own vanilla float with fruity soda from Whole Foods.  I've never had a vanilla float with anything other than Coca Cola, Pepsi or Root Beer so trying a fruity soda was something new.  No regrets on that decision because it literally tasted like summer.  I'll let you guys be the judge of this simple recipe, but for now, head over here to find out what store carries all the Halo Top goodness near you!

Chat with you guys later!

Xo..Melissa Victoria 

Easy Spring Outfit | Closet Staples Always Win

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Top: Target (shop here) // Skirt: J. Crew (shop similar here + super cute one here) // Shoes: Christian Louboutin (shop here)

Hey there!  These days, I've been hitting my snooze button a few too many times which only means one thing: 25 minutes to get ready.  Getting ready this fast was never something my mom would ever imagine for a non-morning person like myself.  Believe me when I say I love my sleep and I'm a super cranky bear in the morning (it lasts for about two minutes while I actually get out of bed).  In middle school, I was forced to learn how to change out of my clothes and into my P.E. clothing in about 7 minutes and that turned out to be such a valuable lesson for a slow poke like myself haha.  Flash forward 10+ years, I feel like I've nailed the art of getting ready in the speed of time.  The key? Closet staples.  

There's a story behind the outfit I'm wearing in this post and it includes me being super late to church and promising my boyfriend I'd get there on time.  Martin is a hospitality minister at our church so he has to show up about a half an hour prior to mass.  Our church is about 25 minutes away from where I live (Martin and I don't live in the same city) so I have to leave at least a half an hour prior to mass time.  On this day, I spent a lot of time in the morning browsing Pinterest that I seriously just lost track of time.  Before I knew it, it was 10:30 AM, I had dirty hair and had to be on the road to church by 11 AM.  The reason why I just had to hurry up was because: 
  1. Martin's hospitality friends always save me a seat with them. They're SO sweet!
  2. Martin closes the church doors right at 11:30 AM so he would absolutely know if I'm late lol.
  3. Church gets really packed and it's not fun to stand.
  4. I like to sit and watch Martin pass out his basket and do his church things. It's cute haha.
So I jumped in the shower and took a super quick body shower, ran out and thought about what I was going to wear.  I knew I had just bought a new skirt I hadn't worn and I knew I had a t-shirt or something I could wear it with somewhere...as you can imagine, I was really rushing to get my stuff together.  I jumped back into my pajama pants, tossed on a sports bra and sprayed all the dry shampoo in my hair.  As I quickly curled my hair, I opened up my closet doors and immediately grabbed my skirt and chambray top.  It made sense to me so I just tossed it all on and voila, I was ready.  This chambray top has been worn multiple times in several different ways because it's such a go-to top.  Whether it's tucked into a skirt, worn over jeans of every color or tossed over a pair of shorts, it's simply such a staple everyone needs in their closet. Same with this skirt.  Even if you're not jumping to your nearest mall to purchase a purple skirt, a pencil skirt of any color is something us ladies always need in the occasion where a business suit is required, want to toss a sweater over or even just wear casually with a crop and sneakers.  Moral of the story, pay attention to the items you wear consistently and in various ways!  They will never fail you in the times when you have to be ready in under an hour - I am a testament to that.  

Talk to you guys later,

Xo..Melissa Victoria